Atari Documents & Sourcecode
1PLANE.ZIP A one bitplane scroll for GFA basic (STE-only)
3DSCROL.ZIP Source for a 3D scroller
68000.ZIP Motorola 68000 gemdos manual
ABAQ.ZIP Text about the abaq computer from atari
ATARIJOY.ZIP Atari joystick interface for pc game port by Donald Blake
BACKPROP.ZIP A backpropagation network in C.
BCONMAP.ZIP New xbios call for the TT030
BIGSCRL.ZIP Big Scroll source
BLITMONO.ZIP Another monoemulator with source (ST)
BLITTER.ZIP Atari blitter manual
BOLLAR.ZIP Doc-Ball source
CHIPS.ZIP Detailed hardware info on Falcon
COMMS1.ZIP How to communicate with your Atari
DIGMAX.ZIP Max Max soundplayer source
DMA.ZIP How to use Atari ST hard disk port
DMA_LOAD.ZIP DMA loader source
DOITF030.ZIP Huge collection of Falcon 030 tips & tricks
DSKTPINF.ZIP Desktop.inf specifications
DSPFALC.ZIP Motorola presents the atari falcon DSP
DSPXBIOS.ZIP DSP xbios routines (music) for the atari falcon 030.
DUSNEWS1.ZIP Latest new from the Atari messe
E_GEM.ZIP Enhanced GEM library with sources
EPLAY.ZIP Atari STE DMA replay sources
F30.ZIP Atari Falcon 030 Specifications
FALC_040.ZIP Falcon040 info
FALCADAP.ZIP Plans for a multisync adaptor for Falcon
FALCINFO.ZIP More official info on Falcon. 2 texts
FALCLIB6.ZIP Devpac Falcon Library
FALCNRES.ZIP Resolutions available on the Falcon030
FALCON.ZIP Falcon 030 Developer Documentation
FALCON_1.ZIP Some texts about Atari's Falcon 030
FALCON_G.ZIP New Falcon Info from Griff/Electronic
FALCON1.ZIP Falcon developers list 27/4/95
FALCON30.ZIP Falcon 030 Developer documentation
FALCONAM.ZIP Comparison of Falcon 030 and Amiga 4000
FALCONCO.ZIP Official info about Falcon with S. Tramiel
FALCREGS.ZIP Atari Falcon 030 Hardware Registers!
FRACTAL.ZIP Fractal scroller source
FULLSCRN.ZIP Fullsc. source by techwave/ice! turb-ass
GDOS_INF.ZIP Everything you ever wanted to know about GDOS (and more)
GEM.ZIP About GEM programming
GEM_IMG.ZIP Gems img fileformat
GEM_ORD.ZIP Kort om gem samt ordlista
GEMTUTOR.ZIP How to program GEM
GFA_LIST.ZIP Summaryof all commands in GFA basic 3.0
GFA4NEWS.ZIP News on GFA Basic 4.0
GFABASIC.ZIP GFAbasic 2.0 quick reference
GOLDII.ZIP Goldrunner II Music
HBL.ZIP Horisontal Blank routine source (Atari)
HMS_PLAY.ZIP Replay routines for HMS soundtracker
IN_STE.ZIP Two STE blitter chip example sources
JAG_3DO.ZIP Atari's Jaguar steals 3DO's thunder on CBS This Morning
JOYREAD.ZIP How to read the joystick on the Atari
LINEA.ZIP The long-awaited line-A document
MACRO101.ZIP Macro Preprocessor for turbo asm (Atari)
MEDUSA96.ZIP Lates info about Hades, Medusa T40 and T60 TOS compatible computers from Medusa Text in ASCII and HTML
MEGASTAR.ZIP Sprite starfield source for Atari
MODEMIO.ZIP The Atari ST modem programming guide
MONOEMU.ZIP A monoemulator with source (ST)
MS2AT.ZIP How to hook-up a MicroSoft mouse to an Atari ST
NEWCALLS.ZIP New xbios calls on the Atari TT030
NOBORD2.ZIP No borders source
NOTEPAD.ZIP A notepad acc source for ST
OPTIMISE.ZIP Optimizing stos! speeding up your stos programs
OPTIMIZ1.ZIP Optimizing your source code
PACKING.ZIP Packing algorithms
PEXEC.ZIP Allan Pratt's Pexec cookbook
PEXECCBK.ZIP The Pexec Cookbook
PICFORMS.ZIP About Atari ST picture formats
PPSOURCE.ZIP PowerPacker Decrunch assembler subroutine
PRTFTIPS.ZIP Some tips for the Portfolio
PS_3232.ZIP Hardware-text-scroller source! STE!
REALSTAR.ZIP Realstarfield source by Abel/Electra
RSC_1.ZIP Examples on how to use Resource files (ST)
RSC_INFO.ZIP About the RSC-fileheader
SCROLLER.ZIP Scroll source
SCSIBIOS.ZIP Scsi bios source for atari ST
SPLINE.ZIP Spline source in GFA
SPOOL.ZIP Printer spooler source (ST)
STE_SCRO.ZIP Sources for Atari STE finescroll
STEFRACT.ZIP STE fractal source
STEINFO.ZIP Atari STE Hardware documentation
STOS_STE.ZIP Stos ste extension
STPICT.ZIP Info on the Atari ST graphics format
SYNCSCR7.ZIP Sync scroller
SYNCSCRL.ZIP Sync Scroller
TCBPLAYX.ZIP TCB tracker reply sources
TCPIP.ZIP Atari ST SLIP FAQ, How to connect your Atari to a network
TECH2600.ZIP Specifications for the Atari 2600/7800
TEXTURE.ZIP GFA source for texturemapping
TIPS.ZIP Gem tips
TOS206_2.ZIP All new functions in TOS 2.06
TOSLIST.ZIP List of the varios TOS versions
TTDEV.ZIP Developer's notes for the Atari TT030
TTTOOLS.ZIP Some tools/sources for Atari TT
TWB.ZIP Demo source
TWIST.ZIP Demo source
USRCODE1.ZIP Us robotics code lock... lock your board!
VBI.ZIP Vbishell.c -- vertical blank interrupt handler shell
VOFA102.ZIP How to connect a Tseng Labs VGA card to your st (German)
XACC_MT.ZIP XAcc: a communication protocol for GEM applications
XBRA.ZIP How to program on your Atari using xbra
XOPE.ZIP Fast polygon routines for Atari ST/STE/TT
ZIG_MCOD.ZIP Vectorsource by Ziggy Stardust/Mcoder

CPU mc680x0
020_ASM.ZIP How to optimize asm code for 68020+
060TECH.ZIP Motorola MC68060 product information
2DCLIP.ZIP A fast 2D clipping source in 68000 ASM
340UM_R1.ZIP MC 68340 Example source
486VS040.ZIP Intel 486 vs Motorola 040
68000DSM.ZIP Source For 68000 Disassembler
68000REF.ZIP Motorola 68000 Instruction Set.
68000SRC.ZIP Long division and BinDec for 68000 src
68040.ZIP About Motorolas new 68040 processor
68040INF.ZIP MC 68040 info
68060.ZIP Motorola MC68060 product brief
68K_BCD.ZIP Divide by 10 in 68k-asm
68OPT.ZIP Optimizing 680x0 applications
68REF.ZIP Motorola 68000 Instruction Set. Revision 2.1 Here is a 3 page reference guide for the Motorola 68000 Instruction Set. It might be useful especially for beginning assembler programmers.
8668_101.ZIP 80x86 to 68000 source-code converter v1.01
881_ASM.ZIP FPU Assembler programming
AS68K.ZIP Source for a mc68020/mc68881/mc68851 assembler
ASP68K6.ZIP How to optimize MC68000 code
CC68III3.ZIP Source for a C compiler for 386 & MC68000
CCTABLE.ZIP MC 68000 instruction execution time
CODETIME.ZIP MC68000 Instruction Execution Times
FBUG68K.ZIP Source for a general debugger for 68000
FFP.ZIP Fast floating point routines for 68000
KURSMKOD.ZIP 68000 assembly language course
M060TECH.ZIP Motorola semiconductor product information on the mc68060
M68KFAQ.ZIP comp.sys.m68k Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
MACRO881.ZIP MC68881 macros
MACSCSI.ZIP SCSI 53c80 asm code for Mac
MC680000.ZIP Programming tutorial on the MC68000
MC680XX.ZIP Documentation on the MC68030 processor
MC68881.ZIP Technical notes on 68881 mathprocessor
MOVE16V2.ZIP How to use the MOVE16 instruction in a 68040
OPTIMIZE.ZIP Tips on optimizing 68000 code
SCSI.ZIP SCSI source for the 5380 scsi controller
SCSI1.ZIP SCSI driver, with source (68000 asm)
SCSIMOVE.ZIP SCSI Data Acquisition Subsystem for the Apple Macintosh
T68060.ZIP Motorola MC68060 product information
TBI68K.ZIP Tiny Basic source code for Mc68000
XLATE09.ZIP Source for a MC6809 to MC68000 translator
Z80CONV.ZIP Convert from Z80 to 68000, with src
Mototola MC 68302 files
302APPS.ZIP MC68302 Application hints
302APPS1.ZIP A collection of applications hints and insights into designing With the 68302.
302APPS2.ZIP More Application hints for the 302
302APPS3.ZIP Even more apps hints for the 302 Channel on the 68302 to control a 9600 Baud UART channel.
68302_TH.ZIP MC 68302 Third party support list
APPNOTE1.ZIP Switching the external ram/rom using the 68302
APPNOTE2.ZIP 68302 UART flow control routine
APPNOTE3.ZIP How to interface a master 302 to one or more slave 302s
AS32V1-2.ZIP Motorola Freeware MC68332 cross assembler
BD32.ZIP Background mode debugger for MC 68332
BSYNC_5.ZIP Bisync C Source files
DDCMP_5.ZIP Ddcmp c source files.
DOC_5.ZIP Drivers Documentation directory.
EDX.ZIP Source code, list file and s-records From application note "Evaluating the EDX Kernel on 302ADS board.
EXPLS_5.ZIP Examples ".g" configuration files for the 68302.
HDLC.ZIP Hdlc.asm and hdlc.s are the assembler And S-record listings for the code written in the App note Mc68302 buffer processing and interrupt handling."
INC_5.ZIP Include files for the Drivers.
L_SOURCE.ZIP LocalTalk drivers source C Source versions of the Pascal
LAPB_5.ZIP LAPB .h Files only.
LAPD_5.ZIP LAPD .h Files only.
LT_INC.ZIP LocalTalk include files
LTALK.ZIP Labug source code for 302ads board
MODS_5.ZIP Object code for the driver, lapd, lapb, and x.25 Modules as they exist on the ADS302 board.
PSEND.ZIP C Source code for the download program found
SRC_5.ZIP Source code examples for interfacing with chip drivers And other modules.
X25_5.ZIP X.25 .h Files only.

Atari ST Hardware

144_CTRL.ZIP Connect a 1.44 Meg drive to your Atari ST
144MEG.ZIP How to upgrade your ST drive to 1.44 drive
16MHZ.ZIP How to make your ST run at 16Mhz
25MGUPGD.ZIP How to upgrade your 1040ST to 2.5Meg
2NDRS232.ZIP How to get a second RS232 port on your Atari st
38400_2.ZIP A way to get higher DTE speed, Atari ST
ANET.ZIP A simple network for the Atari ST
ATARIXYH.ZIP How to repair Atari's vector monitors
BYGGE.ZIP Ett interlace grafikbygge till STn
CARTDOK2.ZIP A description for cartridge to ST,STe
CARTPORT.ZIP How to build an read/write cartridge port
CENTBUFF.ZIP Bygg en centronics buffer
COLORS.ZIP 32,768 Color Support for the Atari ST
DRIVE514.ZIP How to connect a 5.25" drive to the ST
FAL_VGA.ZIP How to connect a VGA monitor to your Falcon
FPU68881.ZIP How to connect a MC68881 to your Atari
GLA-91O.ZIP Connect a Nintendo Powerglove to an Atari
HARD2.ZIP Atari ST hardware manual
HARDDISK.ZIP Troubleshooting your HD
HD_INFO.ZIP Atari Harddisk structure
IBMDRIVE.ZIP Connect an IBM extradrive to the Atari
JOYSTICK.ZIP Koppla 2 extra joystickar till vanlig ST
OVERSCAN.ZIP Build hardware overscan on ST (German)
OVERSCN3.ZIP Complete instructions for building hardware Overscan
SCSI2.ZIP A hacker's harddisk for the Atari ST (tutorial)
SER38400.ZIP How to get an 38400 buad's locked serialport, for highspeed modems
SPECTRE.ZIP An introduction to the Macintosh emulator
STE_SIM.ZIP How to use 2.5 Meg memory on Atari STE
STEE.ZIP American text about the new STEE
STEFIX.ZIP How to fix your Harddisk to work with STE
STEREO.ZIP ST 520/1040 - Stereo Modification
STESIMM.ZIP Using normal simms memories on the STE
STMEM3MB.ZIP How to expand your Atari to 3 Mbytes
SYNCHRO2.ZIP Synchro express II: design and program
TDISPLAY.ZIP Make an internal diskdrive track display
WSIMAGE.ZIP How to receive APT pictures from the NOAA satellite.

The files on this page are from the Synchron Data CD-ROM programmers heaven #1. Used with kind permission from Tore Nestenius. Please look at the Programmers heaven web site For more information!
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