Zap's Simple Screen grabber for NT

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What ZapGrab is about

Screen grabbing in Windows (any kind) is simple: This is very nice and simple. But what if you don't want the whole screen, or a whole window? What if you just want a piece of the screen?

Either you grab the whole screen, paste it into some program like PaintBrush, and cut out the portion you want - pretty tedious. Or, you use a screen grabber.

Numerous screen grabbers have been written for Windows 3.1, but if you try to use them under NT, you will see that they do not work.

The reason for that is "mouse capture", the handling of the Win32 SetCapture() function is different under NT; A program can only own the mouse while a mousebutton is being held down!!

Because of this, all Windows 3.1 screen grabbing programs that use the SetCapture() function does not work under NT!

Grabbing pieces of the screen is convinient, so I wrote ZapGrab. It's a minimalistic program, and the operation of the program is obvious:

ZapGrab Author

ZapGrab was written by me, Zap!

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ZapGrab was last updated August 1996