3D look in Windows NT

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What GO3D is about

I Wrote Go3D because I thought Win95 looked kind of cool, and my old NT 3.x looked boring. However, I suggest you upgrade to NT 4 instead of using Go3D, since it eats quite a lot of processor juice. You may try it for a fun effect, though.... but nowdays it's usefulness is nearing zero.

This is Windows NT 3.xwithout GO3D:

Flat and boring NT

This, however, is with GO3D:

Sexy, 3D-looking NT

GO3D adds a 3D-style border to all sizable windows. It also adds CTL3D.DLL style 3D look to all dialogboxes in all programs everywhere!!!!

Go3D Author

Go3D was written by me, Zap!
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Go3D was last updated August 1995