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SophistiChaos Game Design is a small hobby company producing text adventure games. We started it in 1993, mainly so that we would have a company name to put on Enhanced, the first game we wrote. Our second game, Sensorer is currently being written. All our games are written with TADS, the Text Adventure Development System which is developed by Michael Roberts and High Energy Software.

The CyberVenture Trilogy


Here you are, trying to survive yet another day in the big city with no money, no job and no hope. As you walk down the street in the government research project area, you suddenly see a sign that you haven't seen before.

"Volunteers needed for military research project!

Do you want to make money?
Do you want to help your country?
Can you start at once?

No special skills needed.
Enter here."

[Enhanced cover picture]

Since you think that all of the items on the list fit you perfectly, especially the part about needing money, you enter the door indicated on the sign and sign up to be a research subject. You have to fill out and sign a multitude of forms, asking you about all sorts of things from what grades you had in school to if you have any friends or relatives who know where you are. Once you finish all the boring paperwork you are lead through a lot of white-painted corridors, all alike. Finally, you emerge in what looks like a surgery. You are made to lie down on an operating table where you are tied down and covered with green cloth. You see a plastic mouthpiece being lowered down over your mouth and you feel yourself floating away...

When you come to, you are still in the same room, although you are no longer strapped down and all the cloth that were covering you have been removed. You just have time to wonder how long you have been unconscious before you realize that it has been exactly 79 hours and 17 minutes since you first entered this room.

An orderly in a white coat comes in and guides you through a number of corridors, all different, to a small, gray cubicle and tells you that this will be your living quarters for the duration of the experiment.

"You will have quite a lot of time to yourself each day to get acquainted with the equipment. There will be daily tests each afternoon. When the night shift comes on at 19:00 the door to your room will be locked."

Enhanced is shareware, US$10. When you register your copy, we will send you a diskette with the latest release of Enhanced, a hint booklet and the complete TADS 2.1 source code to Enhanced.

You can download a copy of Enhanced Release 3/941004 now!.

Please use the site nearest you. (Germany) (US) (Finland)
PC (DOS) Download! Download! Download!
Macintosh Download! Download! Download!
(compressed tar file, requires a TADS 2.1 runtime to play)
Download! Download! Download!


"Gotta go." says the penguin. "Somebody's looking for you." He wanders off and you wake up with a start, finding yourself in...

Not Your Room
This room belongs to your friend, or rather your ex-friend once he finds out how you managed to get into his apartment while he was on vacation. You chose not to go home for two reasons:

1. That's the first place anyone would look.
2. You don't have any home.

The apartment consists of this room only. It is a perfect example of what you would call "compact living". The seventeen square meters are furnished with a bed, one chair and a table. There is a simple stove in one corner. There are two doors: the door out of the apartment to the south, and a smaller door to a closet to the north. There is also a window in the east wall.

You hear some parts of a conversation going on in the corridor outside: "... government ... important ... escaped criminal ... gimme the bloody key ... obstructing justice ... severe penalty ..." You recognize the voice as Bob's. (Bob is the security guard from the military research complex. If you haven't been to the complex yet, you are tampering with the causality of the universe. Please play Enhanced (also available from SophistiChaos Game Design) before proceeding any further or you may create a paradox. Thank you for your cooperation.)

Sensorer is currently under development.

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