13. Where can I get R&S... ?

(Note: All dollar amounts are in USA dollars.)

... animation cels?

Some are going to be auctioned off in December 1992. Rumor has it that the cell from Big House Blues went for the most at a price (I believe) $7500. (Details are sketchy about this auction.)

If you want one and don't have a lot of money, enter the contest that Ren And Stimpy Exposed! magazine is running for us loyal fans; the cel is from "The Boy Who Cried Rat!" where R&S are in front of the house looking for a plan. Unfortunately, it's over, and I didn't win :(.

From David Loshin (loshin@think.com):

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have seen production animation cels offered for sale by a place called

American Royal Are Corp.
473 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590

The price was $495.00, and they have cels from shows from the first season (at least; perhaps more). The phone number is 1-800-888-9449.

... board games?

I just got this for Christmas (so I don't know the price). You can get it at Toys R Us (that's what bag it came in and was confirmed).


Each player gets a comic strip (four strips printed on both sides, eight episodes) and picks pieces from the big box of cereal. If its your own piece you need to complete the puzzle, say a R&S phrase and put it down onto your strip. If you don't say the phrase, you lose the piece. If you pick someone else's piece, they have to say a phrase before getting it. If a LOG piece is picked, follow the directions. There is a History Eraser button strip, and if completed, the game never took place!

Overall, a good concept. My only gripes are as follows. "Space Madness" and "Stimpy's Invention" are printed on the same mat. All the pieces are cardboard! I wish there were some plastic pieces. There is no hangin' scene in the "Out West" strip! =O( =O(

Contents of game: Log cereal pieces, Log action pieces, comic strip pieces, R&S sticker, History Eraser Button strip, and 4 comic strips.

Rating: Buy it when it comes to an Odd/Big Lots near you!

... books?

Pat The Stimpy (A Nitty Gritty Touchy Smelly Book)
(I've seen pictures of this book)

Basically, it is "sense"-full (as apposed to Stimpy's senseless:) book. An undying tribute to Ren And Stimpy and the 1980's fad of puffy and scratch 'n sniff stickers. Touch Stimpy, smell the mountain of stinky socks, and more to sense.

From Richard Goldstein (richardg@cheesewiz.EBay.Sun.COM):

Nick is marketing the heck out of R&S, but this was truly hysterical. It is illustrated by Chris Reccardi. The book ain't cheap ($9.95), but I got it as a gift. It was found in a plain old bookstore. ISBN # 0-448-40199-1.

... bookmarks?

A flat plastic Stimpy or Ren can save your place in your book. Found it at Cartoon Corner. Each bookmark has tire treads over it because the box cover for it has a truck chasing after R&S. $3.00 a piece.

... calendars?

"Advance Comics Catalog" reports that a 18 month calendar for 1993 and 2nd half 1992 will be available in August from Andrews & McMeel. It'll cost $8.95 and will be in full color (from michaelb@sol.cse.fau.edu)

Editor's Note: I have one which is a 12 month from the same company.

There is a 1994 calendar from the same people. BUYER BEWARE! My first calendar had 9 months, and its replacement had 14-15 months (duplicate months). Apparently, their machine is broken. =O( The calendar features season 2 shows like "Svën Höek" and "Son of Stimpy."

... card games?

From John Nolin (john@porta.b24a.ingr.com):

Just saw it at WE B Toys last night.

The card game resembles Go fish in that you try to collect the most pairs of like cards. Some of the cards include:

The back of the box said that you could "pick" any pair of cards from your opponent if you had the "Magic Nose Goblin" card.

Looks sorta neat, but had a $7 price tag for a single deck of cards.

... cereal box offers?

Kellogg's offers (USA only for now):

... coffee cups?

A company called "Custom Screenprinting" makes them (from bub@vuse.vanderbilt.edu).

... colorforms?

From Franklin C Malemud (fmalemud@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu):

Hey I just returned from the store Cartoon Corner in the Columbus City Center, and now have in my possession....Ren & Stimpy Colorforms. The scenerio board is the Space Madness cockpit, and you have a veritable plethora of objects to manipulate including a toothbrush, a glazed ham, Ren in the water shap that floats, Stimpy, Stimpy sans head, Ren, Ren sans head, etc...it is quite enjoyable and was only 6 bucks, so recommend it to all y'all. I think the Cartoon Corner is a nat'l chain, so you may want to look it up in u'r yellow pages and give em a call.

... comic books?

See Also #16 and #17 for more information)

Marvel Comics have released the first issue in late October 1992.

Future updates about the comics will be going into its own document. E-mail Fred Ochs at ochs@cs.wmich.edu for your copy of it when it was ready to be published! (Coming soon to an ftp site near you:)

Recently, Powdered Toast Man made his debut in his own comic book by Marvel, and John K. has a deal with Marvel to produce COMIC BOOK(tm Spumco), the official Spumco comic book featuring all their characters.

... dolls and action figures?

Nick has a deal with Mattel to make Ren and Stimpy dolls. According to Previews magazine, there will be four dolls. One set of two (one Ren and one Stimpy) will each say six phrases from the show. (Stimpy's string to talk will be a hairball on his mouth.) The other set will make flatulating sounds. The "Farting" dolls cost about $15 and the "Talking" dolls cost $35 or so. Mattel is also producing action figures: Cmdr. Höek and Cadet Stimpy, Army R&S, and plain ol' R&S. Deluxe R&S figures are a "bathtub" Ren and a "catbox" Stimpy.

Dakin also has a deal with Nick and has produced two plush toys. They are available at stores like "Cartoon Corner" and "Spencer Gifts." Prices run from $14.99 to $35 apiece. For Christmas 1993, Dakin redid the R&S Dolls: Stimpy is now dressed in Santa clothes, and Ren is now dressed in Reindeer antlers and bells. (They are about the same price as the original dolls.)

At Cartoon Corner, mini-dolls of our duo have turned up. Ren is wearing a "Powdered Toast Man" T-Shirt, and Stimpy has on a "Gritty Kitty" T-shirt on.

... GIFs?

Check Adam Frampton's R&S FTP list. He posts it bi-weekly on alt.tv.ren-n-stimpy. (See #17) BTW, the official ftp site for the R&S documents is aug3.augsburg.edu. (See FTP information)

... key chains?

Cubed Ren and Stimpy bodies which you can mix and match.

... moving stickers?

Cracker Jacks is holding a advertising gimmick with Nick putting these beauties in their boxes. Make Stimpy hwarf onto Ren by changing your viewpoint. Cracker Jacks are at a grocery store near you.

... pillows?

From Kevin Bell (finjkb@finaid.indstate.edu):

I was down at the local Spencer's yesterday and saw something new in the R&S line: Pillows! It's a huge pillow retailing for $19.95 in the 3-D shape of your favorite cartoon character's face! I personally prefer the Stimpy over Ren. Ren just doesn't translate as well.

Editor's Note: "He's talking to pillows, kids!" -- Stimpy Pillow, SBD

... postcards?

They have turned up in novelty stores like Spencer Gifts. Thirty-two postcards for $5.99. (At last look locally, they dropped in price to a little over $3.)

... posters and shirts?

They've now spread to most any mall T-shirt store.

... sounds?

See Also #17 about the FTP site guide and above question about "GIFS?".

From rogue@cellar.org:
ab20 was closed back in May (1992). The entire archives have been shuttled to wuarchive.wustl.edu and nic.funet.fi. The Ren & Stimpy sounds are part of the Amiga archives. (wuarchive has done some shuffling of the ab20 files, and no longer has a mirror of the old site. The sounds may have been moved to another directory.)

From bkariger@aunix.fullerton.edu:
We can rightly claim to be the first to have contributed digital samplings of Ren & Stimpy audio to INet and several other networks. (Well, OK, we are 98% sure of it; and we would like to know of any other uploads, both earlier and later.) They originally appeared in the Info-Mac archives. (The Info-Mac archives are available (by using FTP, account anonymous, any password) in the info-mac directory on sumex-aim.stanford.edu []. Help files and indices are in /info-mac/help.) They are in the /info-mac/sound directory:

... video games? (In the order of being released)

Nintendo Gameboy: "Space Madness"

Cadet Stimpy is trying to save Cmdr. Höek! Stimpy can shoot hairballs and collect Powdered Toast.

Super Nintendo: "You Veediots!"

Help R&S get through 4 episodes including TBWCR and ITA.

Sega Genesis: "Stimpy's Invention"

Play Ren or Stimpy! Stimpy's Mutato Machine has transformed their neighborhood into a dangerous place. Can R&S stop it? One or two players; one player games have the other character running behind them (like Sonic 2) and can use him to solve puzzles.

... videos and CDs?

Previous announcements that "Big House Blues" was available on "Tournee of Animation" tapes were in error.

I finally got the info, according to roscoe@csd4.csd.uwm.edu: (Note: I had to compress the original post for brevity.)

Some other things mentioned in the post that are coming soon: R&S trading cards (not Nicktoon trading cards) - Prism?? R&S will be in Comics Interview #122 (Interview with Bill Wray)

Two promotional CDs have been found: "Little Crock O' Christmas" and "Little Eediot."

From Chris Bray (cbray@uafhp.uark.edu):
> Kurt Philip White (u9360212@wumpus.cc.uow.edu.au) writes:
> Did anyone hear the radio interview that Ren and Stimpy did in
> Australia on the 31st October? it was aired on JJJ on Sunday Afternoon
> Fever, and consisted of Maynard asking what sounded like pre-recorded
> R&S a few questions, and in between played a couple of songs off "You
> Idiot" (sp?).

This is from a promo CD called "Little Eediot". I found a copy in a local used CD store...It's actually 2 CD's...The first being the 12 minute interview with spaces for the DJ's voice...(34 tracks) and the 2nd CD being 3 songs from You Eediot...

... water squirters?

At Cartoon Corner, they had R&S's which you could fill up with water. When you squeeze their body, water comes out of their mouths. (Stimpy looks like he's going to hwarf. One can put green Nick Gak in Stimpy to make him look like he's hwarfing:) $4.50 a piece.

... further information?

Ren and Stimpy Exposed! is entire magazine devoted to our favorite heroes (Fall/Winter 1992). It had a mailbag where the newsgroup, alt.fan.ren-and-stimpy, did get a mention!

There is a spread about R&S on a magazine called Cinfantastique. It rivals Film Threat's spread in the amount of information. Look for it at Walden Books ($5.50). It carries through the story R&S Exposed and Film Threat began and includes edits of our favorite cartoon.

Go to the library and check out Reader's Guide To Periodicals. There are a whole slew of R&S articles from the year of 1991, 1992, and 1993. (Newspapers had many articles too.)

Film Threat magazine has a 18 page article in its December 1992 issue (number 7). A reprint (basically it is) of the R&S story is in a magazine called Wild Cartoon Kingdom. It has even more pictures, info., George Liquor, and the connection between John K. and Batman: The Animated Series. WCK came out with a second edition featuring Batman TAS Movie and Jimmy the "Hapless" Boy. In WCK 3, John K. interviews Beavis and Butthead ("his favorite cartoon") and talks about Spumco's last scripts on file. WCKs are must buys! Also look for "Comics Interview" # 131 for April 1994 as well as Saturday night magazine for interviews with John K.

From Jason Price (Jason.Price@launchpad.unc.edu):

I just got back on this newsgroup and I don't know if anyone had seen this...

I was walking thru the mall and happened to walk into Walden books to look for a AMiga mag and there it was.....In the thousands of mags IT stood out like a sore thumb...... " Wild Cartoon Kingdom" by RIP Magazine.. I got the last copy of it in the store and the guy told me that it was sent to them out of thin air. If you ever wanted to know anything about Ren & Stimpy this mag has it.. What Nick thinks about R&S, pics of John K, the whole cartoon cast, A full episode guide, SOME of the BEST !! pics from your fave episodes. I mean the mag cost 3.95 but it was worth it. It also has a BIG section on BATMAN and a nother full episode guide and real cool pics. DEFINITELY a collectors ITEM.. I have to go see if they have any more..... The sad thing is that we had a thunderstorm and my windows were up...YES... my mag got wet..;-( .. gotta like those water marks.NOT!! I just thought I'd throw it in... LOOK FOR IT, ASK FOR IT.

From Joel Schenkle (donnell@mantaray.micro.umn.edu):

Actually, it is put out by the fine folks at "Film Threat". I think they are doing this to avoid reissuing the R&S issue of FT, their most popular issue, and already a collectors item.

... watches?

From Synthia Petroka (sap@lucid.com):

I just picked up two different Ren & Stimpy watches at the local Toys R Us in San Jose. They were originally marked at $6.99 but were on sale at $3.98. They are digital watches, and one has a flip cover with a moving animation sequence of our heros bumping butts from the Happy Happy Joy Joy song.

For you locals, I was at the store on Capitol at McKee and I found them amongst the other cartoon digital watches near the electronics section. They also had some Log Cereal Games.

... "Frontier Log," "Powdered Toast," "Gritty Kitty Litter," etc?
    "You sick little monkey!"
    "Don't you know cartoons will ruin your MIND?!"
            -- Ren, "Stimpy's Big Day"

... other products for the drooling fanboy in each of us?

Stay tuned.