The Ren and Stimpy Files and Site Guide

Sunday, December 11, 1994 ... Edition 58 (
Official Ren and Stimpy FTP FAQ Site (
/pub/music/lyrics/r/ren.n.stimpy (
/pub/ren-stimpy/sun.sounds (
/pub/simpsons/Episodes: scripts of many episodes
/pub/simpsons: interesting misc. text files from the floorplans of the Simpson's house to quotes (
Official site for the latest edition of this document. Look under /pub/access/frampton. Permissions problems fixed. (,
/pub/sounds/cartoons/ren&stempy (not misspelled)
Also includes Bullwinkle, Simpsons, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, etc. in the /pub/sounds/cartoons directory. (
/pub/pictures/ (
/pub/OS/msdos/simtel20/archivers 9K Extract ARC Archives
arj241a.exe 224K Extract and Create ARJ Archives
lha213.exe 44K Extract and Create LHZ Archives
/pub/OS/msdos/simtel20/graphics 478K Image Alchemy 1.7: Convert 100s of image formats 13K Shell for Image Alchemy 1.6 (req. VGA+mouse) 295K Hiview: JPEG/GIF/TGA viewer, req. 386+, VCPI 118K SVGA BMP/GIF/PCX/TIFF/TGA Viewer (german) 58K PCX graphics image viewer
/pub/OS/msdos/simtel20/sound 18K Play any file (.au,.wav,.voc,etc) on SoundBlaster 21K Plays .VOC, .SND & .AU files thru PC speaker
gopher: port 70
/Public/Ren & Stimpy (
Articles, Scripts, Episode Guides, TEXT DOCUMENTS ONLY
Ren and Stimpy in /pub/television/renstimpy (
Previously Lots of stuff under /pub/ren-and-stimpy contact for information (
SUN and NeXT AU audio sounds, /sounds/cartoons/ren-stimpy (
Ren and Stimpy GIFs and Sounds (
HUGE selection of Unix AU audio sounds:
/pub/multimedia/sun-sounds/cartoons/ren_stimpy, tiny_toon, simpsons (
Animaniacs under /pub/animaniacs, mainly text files and articles
Tiny Toons under /pub/tta... mainly articles, text, etc.
GIFs and JPEGs of cartoons are posted here UUENCODED
usenet: alt.toon-pics
Similar to, except this one is not official anymore. (
/systems/amiga/boing/audio/samples: many amiga Ren and Stimpy samples, as well as in the RenandStimpy subdirectory. Images scattered around /multimedia/images/gif. Good luck finding them. (hint: grab an index file [big] and grep it)

Note for ALL FTP Sites: Login as "anonymous" and the password is your Email address.

FTP by Email: for information.

There is a nice shell I discovered that adds interesting features to the FTP software, called NcFTP and BncFTP. Check out and see if these programs are on your computer. If you want, I can dig up an address of the site that has the source code for these programs. NcFTP and BncFTP add features such as a bar graph when receiving files, the path is located in the prompt, and a memory of previously visited sites, just to name a few. Just type "ncftp" or "bncftp" at your prompt.

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