17. Where can I find archived information on R&S?

The official spot for R&S information stored at aug3.augsburg.edu via ftp (This is anonymous ftp.). To get the FAQ and other documents through e-mail: send an electronic mail message to ren-n-stimpy@aug3.augsburg.edu and it will autoreply. With each new updated FAQ, I will be sending a message telling the people who asked for it to resend to the listserver if they want the updated version.

I have written a supplemental guide to Nick Sayer's Not-So-Official-Episode-Guide called "The Ren and Stimpy Encyclopedia." It contains miscellaneous info. which the other guide doesn't cover, including the components of shows, SNICK airings, and titles of scripts that are in production. It is under the filename called "ren-n-stimpy.encyclopedia". (It was called "The Ren And Stimpy Extra" previously.)

FTP Sites For Ren And Stimpy are what you are searching? Then try Adam Frampton at frampton@access.digex.com for a list of them! (Look for his periodic postings on alt.tv.ren-n-stimpy.)