16. What about the comic book?

The comic book is produced by Marvel Comics. It is currently up to issue ninetween, and the PTM spring special is coming out from the same fine folks. My friend Jamal can explain the going's on with it better than I can. (Thanks Jamal for the info!)

From Jamal Hannah (jamal@silver.lcs.mit.edu):

I also recently talked to an animation-student friend of mine on the phone who knows the main artist of the Ren & Stimpy comic pretty well. (Mike Kazaleh is the main artist.. he's also known for his work on his own comic: "Captain Jack", from Fantagraphics Books, as well as some stories in the comic "Critters", also from Fantagraphics Books. More recently Mike has done work on "The Mighty Mutimals." ... All of these comics would be in the back-issue's section of a comic store. They are worth looking up, because Mike Kazaleh has an art style and a zany type of humor of his own that is quite enjoyable. Mike has also done animation work for Ralph Bakshi-he designed "The Cow" in "The Adventures of Mighty Mouse" (as well as animated sequences with him)... in fact, if you really want more Ren & Stimpy info from Mike himself, you can try writing to him through Marvel comics or Fantagraphics Books (Editor's Note: what are their address?)

Supposedly, John K. didn't like Mike Kazaleh's work in the Ren & Stimpy comic, but that's most likely because Mike puts alot more of "himself" into the work than John K.. (I'm sure John is rather cynical about most of what is going on with his characters at this point.. to think that if he had just kept the rights to the characters and gotten a loan, and released the cartoons on local access cable stations, or somethign simmilar, he may have made less money at first, but would have kept complete creative control of his creations and storylines!)