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GS-Panel is an easy-to-use control panel for Roland GS-compatible devices.
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Quick News

October 15th: New features added.
I've just added a favorites menu to GS-Panel, where you can place your favorite settings. Cool reverb settings, different patch settings for a song etc. I have also added a MIDI thru option and a "lock settings"-button. This prevents other programs from changing the GS-Panel settings.
The last thing to fix now is the Sysex export feature. Then I will do some more bug-testing. The release is not too far away!

August 13th: Good news.
I just got back from a wonderful three-week vacation in the states, and an even more wonderful one-week trip to France. So now I'm back in Sweden, full of energy to finish the developement of GS-Panel 2.0. I know that version 2.0 will be a great and unique product, so I'm very eager to release it.
My SCC-1 card is still broken, but an unusually generous soul that found GS-Panel on the net is willing to give me his SCC-1 card. Can you believe it?! He's a HERO!

June 7th: GS-Panel 2.0 delayed.
As some of you might already have noticed, GS-Panel 2.0 is couple of months late. This is because my Roland SCC-1 card that I use when developing GS-Panel is broken. Without the card it's difficult to continue the developement. I'm working on getting a replacement for it, but it may take some time.
Sorry for the delay, but I promise that I will finish GS-Panel 2.0 as soon as possible.

February 17th: SC-88 Pro support thrown in.
The new Roland SC-88 Pro is now supported thanks to Emmanuel Bégué. He sent me a Cakewalk instrument definition file made by Lars Öhman. Thanks a lot for that! If you want a copy of the file you can get it here.
Now I wish I had an SC-88 Pro so I could test the support... ;)

February 7th: Closing in...
Things are going pretty smooth now, and the only thing left to implement is exporting of the settings to MIDI and SysEx format. I just added support for the SC-88. Typing in those 654 patch names was a real pain... ;) I miss the patch list for the SC-88Pro, so if anyone have it please send it to me.
More screenshots on the screenshots page.

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What is GS-Panel?

GS-Panel is an easy-to-use control panel for Roland GS compatible devices. It also supports the Roland GM devices RAP-10, SCDB-10, and SCB-7. The main purpose of GS-Panel is to let you easily change the master reverb settings on your device. This adds great atmospheric effects to your MIDI songs. You can also change the master volume and pan. GS-Panel is designed for Windows 95.


How to get GS-Panel

You get GS-Panel from the download page. GS-Panel is totally free with the exception that I want you to send me a postcard or email. By doing so, you encourage me to continue writing useful programs.

This page is maintained by Anders Korsvall. Feel free to email me suggestions, questions etc about GS-Panel or the homepage.