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What people say about GS-Panel

This is an exerpt of what people have said about GS-Panel in their emails to me:

"GSPanel is a GREAT utility. I discovered it some time ago and wouldn't live without it now. Version 2.0 looks even greater. Can't wait."

"Wonderful program you've written!! You'll have to tell those guys at Roland to include it in their packages, in the scd-15 the software provided can't do anything..."

"Boy, do I look forward to GSPanel 2.0! I already thought 1.1 was brilliant, it sits here "under" Cubase allowing me to bypass the horrid Cubase mixers and setting my synth "on the fly" to the reverbtype I want it to be. But it lacked the possibility for setting chorusses as well, and now I see that you're working on 2.0! "

"I recently downloaded your GS-Panel util and I must say that I'm rather impressed. After using, for only a few hours, the SoundCanvas I bought not long ago, it became obvious that I needed some neat way of resetting the module after each "song", as most MIDI files don't leave the hardware the way they found it, changed instruments, faded volumes, etc.
Also, have you shown Roland your util? They should want to bundle it with all their GS hardware."

"First of all, THIS PROGRAM IS GREAT!!!!! It's the best thing i've ever downloaded in my whole INTERNET life."

"I am finding it very useful to control reverb. I have a Roland SC88 module through which I play my midi back, but to adjust chorus, reverb is very fiddly, and your program does the trick very neatly."

"Keep up the good work! I have a friend who owns a Roland SC-88, so when I found GSPanel in the net and gave it to him, he was real happy, and he thanks you (he´s now here by my side)."

"Thanks for your great program! Now. How about adding CHORUS to the list of things I can change? I use an SCP-55 PCMCIA Sound Canvas, and I LOVE IT. On Win311 I could set the Chorus and Reverb. On Win95, they didn't provide the same tool!!! You did half the work (actually more, since you did the MPU401 driver too!)...Much appreciated!"

"Hi. Your program is great! I like it very much."

"I'd like to thank you for writing GSPanel. It's a very useful and well-written utility. I use it in conjunction with my Roland CM-32L and my Ensoniq Soundscape Elite GS wavetable sound card."

"What a relief it is to not have to shutdown applications due to conflicts! The GS panel is great. Simple and effective. Everything installed fine... I have a SCD-15 in conjunction with a S. Blaster16. No problems with installation or win95 configuration."

"Thank you for making your GSPanel (for Windows 95) program available to the public. I just downloaded and installed it today. You have done a very nice job."