Stora Mellösa

The southeastern parts of the province Närke, bordering Södermanland in the east, is a very rich farmland.

To the north is lake Hjälmaren with island Vinön and peninsula Göksholm. Göksholm is where 15th century freedom fighter Engelbrekt was killed. There is a statue of him in the town square in Örebro.

South of Göksholm is Stora Mellösa, where the clay soil is ideal for growing carrots. Further south is Odensbacken.

Kvismare kanal flows through Odensbacken on its way to Hjälmaren. In the 19th century, this canal was dug, to drain lakes Kvismaren (small remains at the west of this map) and Mosjön (near Kumla, on the next map to the west). Doing this, the province gained much valuable farmland.

Route 52 runs from the west to the east, south of Odensbacken, touching the southern shores of Hjälmaren.

Updated 1 May 1994 by Lars Aronsson.