Central Närke

This map covers the central parts of the province Närke. This is a rich farmland, with three major eskers running from south to north. To the west Hardemoåsen, in the middle Kumlaåsen, and to the east Gällerstaåsen. The landscape bears many signs from the last inland ice.

From Hallsberg municipality at the extreme south, the railroad runs on top of esker Kumlaåsen through towns Kumla and Örebro.

To the west of the railroad, Euroroute E20 (former E3) runs from Göteborg in the southwest through Örebro, where it meets Euroroute E18 from Oslo (in the west), and they run together towards Stockholm (to the east).

From Pålsboda, immediately outside the southeast corner of this map, route 51 runs towards Örebro, and passes Sköllersta, where it crosses route 52, heading east from Kumla along the south side of lake Hjälmaren (see the map to the east).

In the northwest corner of the map is the southern half of lake Tisaren, a birdlover's paradise.

Also in the northwest corner of the map, river Svartån flows east towards Örebro, where it enters lake Hjälmaren. Örebro was built where river Svartån crosses the country road on top esker Kumlaåsen. (In fact, south of Örebro, esker Kumlaåsen splits into Karlslundsåsen, to the west of Örebro, and Örebroåsen.)

Updated 1 May 1994 by Lars Aronsson.