Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet Edition 1.1

                                       Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
                           copyright Electronic Frontier Foundation 1993

 Welcome              Foreward                         Preface       
by Shari Steele      by Mitchell Kapor                by Adam Gaffin
EFF                  co-founder                       reporter
                     Electronic Freedom Foundation    Middlesex News

 Chapter 1:    Setting up/getting connected/jacking in.
 Chapter 2:    E-mail.
 Chapter 3:    Usenet I -- the Global watering hole.
 Chapter 4:    Usenet II
 Chapter 5:    Mailing lists and Bitnet.
 Chapter 6:    Telnet (Mining the Net, part I)
 Chapter 7:    FTP (Mining the Net, part I)
 Chapter 8:    Gophers, WAISs and the World-Wide Web
 Chapter 9:    Advanced E-mail.
 Chapter 10:   News of the world.
 Chapter 11:   IRC, MUDs and other diversions.
 Chapter 12:   Education and the Net.

 Conclusion:   The end?
 Appendix A:   Lingo
 Appendix B:   Lists and info: Net sites, Unix commands ...
 Electronic Frontier Foundation Information 

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