By Adam Gaffin,
Senior Reporter, Middlesex News, Framingham, Mass.,

     This book will help you join the global village known as Cyberspace
or the Net.  Millions of people around the world already spend parts of
their lives in this land without frontiers,

    What this book is for 
    How the Net started   
    How the Net works     

FYI: Steven Levy's book, "Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution," (Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1984). describes the early culture and ethos that ultimately resulted in the Internet and Usenet. John Quarterman's "The Matrix: Computer Networks and Conferencing Systems Worldwide" (Digital Press, 1990) is an exhaustive look at computer networks and how they connect with each other. "FYI on Where to Start - A Bibliography of Internetworking Information," by Tracy LaQuey, Joyce K. Reynolds, Karen Roubicek, Mary Stahl and Aileen Yuan (August, 1990), is an excellent list of articles, books, newsletters and other sources of information about the Internet. It's available via ftp from in the rfc directory as rfc1175.txt (see the FTP chapter for information on getting documents through FTP).
The following people, whether they know it or not, helped put this together. My thanks, especially to Nancy! Rhonda Chapman, Jim Cocks, Tom Czarnik, Christopher Davis, David DeSimone, Jeanne deVoto, Phil Eschallier, Nico Garcia, Joe Granrose, Joe Ilacqua, Jonathan Kamens, Peter Kaminski, Thomas A. Kreeger, Leanne Phillips, Nancy Reynolds, Helen Trillian Rose, Barry Shein, Jennifer "Moira" Smith, Gerard van der Leun, Scott Yanoff.

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