Chapter 6: TELNET (Mining the Net, part 1)

     Like any large community, cyberspace has its libraries, places you
can go to look up information or take out a good book.  Telnet is one of
your keys to these libraries.

    What is TELNET?                 
    Using TELNET                    
    Library catalogues              
    Finding someone on the net      
    When things go wrong            
      >>  Telnet sites              
      >>  Telnet BBSs               

FYI: The Usenet newsgroups and alt.bbs.internet can provide pointers to new telnet systems. Scott Yanoff periodically posts his "Updated Internet Services List" in the former; Thomas Kreeger periodically posts "Zamfield's Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List" in the latter newsgroup. The alt.bbs.internet newsgroup is also where you'll find Aydin Edguer's compendium of Internet-BBS- related FAQs. Peter Scott, who maintains the Hytelnet database, runs a mailing list about new telnet services and changes in existing ones. To get on the list, send him a note at

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