Usenet  newsgroups  can be something of a misnomer.  They may be
interesting, informative and educational, but they are often not news, at
least, not what you'd think of as news.  But there are several sources of
news, sports and weather on the Net.

    USA Today                       
    The World Today                 

     One of the largest is Clarinet, a company in Cupertino, Calf., that
distributes wire-service news and columns, along with a news service
devoted to computers, in  Usenet  form.
     USA Today also has a presence on the Net, through the Cleveland
Free-Net system, and we'll show you how to get news of eastern Europe and
Brazil as well.

FYI: The newsgroup on Usenet provides a number of articles about Clarinet and ways of finding news stories of interest to you.

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