ConFuse 98

svenska, tack.

ConFuse 1998

1998 års Swecon

Guest of Honor

Paul J. McAuley


Jane Routley
Niklas Krog

ConFuse 98 will be held June 26-28 in the usual place, i. e. Ryds Herrgård.


So you want to come?

There are two flavors of membership: supporting and attending. Supporting is just what it sounds like, some moral and economic support for the convention. If you are a supporting member you will get all information about the convention and the 50 crowns you pay will count towards your attending membership when you convert.

If you have an attending membership, you may also participate in the convention activities (apart from getting all the information that a supporting membership gets you). The price for an attending membership is currently 200 Swedish crowns for Saturday and Sunday. Friday is free of charge to give those curious of what a science fiction convention is a change to try it out before becoming members.

You can pay via postal giro to account number 55 87 37 - 3 in Sweden. Account owner is "Linköpings Science Fiction-Förening" (address c/o Tommy Persson, Rydsvägen 180A, SE-584 32 Linköping, Sweden). Don't forget to write your name, address, and what you are paying for. If you live in Norway it is easier if you contact our Norwegian agent to pay. If you don't have postal giro, please contact us before paying.

To speak to someone about the convention, call Hans Persson at +46 13 29 77 05 (home) or +46 13 20 16 08.


There will of course be a banquet (with a relaxed dress code), just like previous years. The menu will consist of a main course and a dessert with coffee or tea. If you want to participate in the banquet you need to register before the end of May. You register by paying 130 Swedish crowns to our postal giro (see above).

Scandic Hotell

Scandic Hotell is located about five minutes' walk from the convention and have agreed to give convention visitors a rebated price. If you mention that you are going to ConFuse when booking your room, you will get the special price of 320 Swedish crowns per person per night for a double room.


The convention committé arranging ConFuse 98 consists of the following people:

Hans Persson
Convention chairman and veteran of ConFuse 91, 92, 93, and 96.
Britt-Louise Viklund
Yet another veteran of earlier ConFuses. Reigns over the program.
Tommy Persson
Tommy takes care of the finances and the program book.
Roger Klein
Illustrating, advertising, and art show.
Stina Edelfeldt
Advertising and sleep space. Contact her if you want to borrow a floor to sleep on.
Carina Björklind
Carina is also a veteran from ConFuse 91, 92 och 93 and will help plan the program.
Magnus Redin
All sorts of things.
Leif Stensson
Whatever we can think of.

Information about previous ConFuse conventions and about other conventions in Scandinavia.