Locus Index

This index of Locus is put together with a Perl script by Hans Persson and data files provided by Cary Thomas. His original readme file is here

Cary has put together an index to all (I presume) his issues of Locus and made it available for download. I have made some scripts and web stuff to make his efforts searchable from the web.

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A list of all authors.
A list of all the interviews.
A list of all the obits.

Last update of files used:
authors.dbf: 6/24/96 (1748 entries)
revus.dbf: 6/24/96 (4215 entries)
intervu.dbf: 6/24/96 (180 entries)
obit.dbf: 6/24/96 (423 entries)

This page is generated by scripts written by Hans Persson and with Locus index files provided by Cary Thomas.

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