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Radio Shack

They distribute Datasoft, Inc and Spectral Associates.


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Pyramid 2000

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Comments: An Adventure-clone set in an Egyptian environment.


Text only Written 1981 by Robert Arnstein.
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Notes: Radio Shack Catalog Number: 26-1915

Package blurb:

You never thought that your PhD project would send you to a remote corner of the world, but the research grant came through! You and your team of anthropologists began in India, sailing up the River Ghaghra where it departs from the Ganges. Last night, you entered Nepal on the river, but were forced to come aground when navigation was made impossible by the twisting, narrow stream.

For years now, there have been rumors of a civilization still existing somewhere on the fringe of the Himalayas, living as people lived thousands of years ago. Several expeditions have searched for the tribe ofKhazhadim without success. Reports have filtered back of terrible tragedies -- members of expeditions who disappeared without a trace, others who were found later, either dead or unable to recount what they had suffered at the hands of-- what?

This morning looks like a good one to start exploring the area. After breakfast, you're planning to set out on foot, perhaps talk to a few natives for any information they might give you, and hire a guide. As you sip your coffee and scan a map of the region, one of your crew approaches, holding by the arm a wrinkled old native, dressed in long robes and wearing a headdress.

"Beware! Beware the temple of Raaka-Tu!" the old woman cries. "Do not go into the jungle -- you will never get out!"

"We found her snuffing around outside the camp. She keeps yelling something about temples and gods, and 'Beware, beware!'" your photographer says. "She won't talk to anyone but you. Says she has to talk to the leader."

The old woman is seated beside you, where she unfolds an unbelievable story about the god Raaka-Tu and his temple of sacrifice. The woman tells of the treasure kept in the temple, the hideous monsters Raaka-Tu employs, and the Khazhadim who serve Raaka-Tu and guard his temple.

Though the woman will not consent to be your guide, she points a bony finger to the west, pleading with you one more time to turn back. Seeing that her efforts are useless, she rises, tracing a sign on your forehead for luck, and disappears into the undergrowth surrounding the camp.

At last ... you have the key to finding the Khazhadim tribe, and much more. You don't want to alarm the group with the story the woman told you, yet you are anxious to begin the search. Extinguishing the fire with your coffee, you set off alone in the direction the woman pointed, and you are soon surrounded by the impenetrable jungle.

It's up to you now ... good luck, and may the gods of the jungle smile upon you and grant you a safe journey.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

If you find any errors or have information that is missing, please let me know