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TRS-80 Color (1980 - around 1992)

The Coco (Color Computer) existed in a few different versions (as well as numerous clones). The Coco 1 (1980), 2 (1983), and 3 were built around the 6809 processor (the Coco 3 had more advanced hardware and was brought out in September of 1986). More information about the Coco can be found at http://www.sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca/~ab594/coco.html.

There was also a model called MC-10 which was short-lived and only a few were sold. The MC-10 was meant to be the Coco's "little brother". It used the same video/sound chip, the same cassette interface, and the BASIC was partly compatible. It did, however, use a different CPU (the 6803) which, while being in the same family tree as the 6809 used by the Coco is not compatible.

The British Dragon computer was a clone of the Coco.

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