Friends with webpages:

[Peace Frog]
Allene Allen, "Puddy," "Dead Frog"
The most ornery camper ever, but ya just gotta love her!

Douglas A. Walter
Fremen warrior!! "Fear is the mind-killer. The [clear, safe course] leads ever down into stagnation."

[Coca-Cola Polar Bear] [Moose]
Gernot Ziegler
Austrians and Germans are DIFFERENT!

[Veggies] [Environmentally-Friendly-Looking Frog] [Train]
Håkan Törnroth
No to meat!

[Model of Ancient Rome] [AMIGA]
Magnus Ingmarsson
A strange one, but I like him for some reason.

Martin Enlund
Appreciates sweet, bouncy things (and books), like chocolate and german techno, e.g. Blumchen, ...or maybe chocolate-covered Blumchen?!

Mats Ekberg
Get him to decide and you'll win a prize! Especially which ice cream to buy at Smultronstället in Söderköping, Sweden! YUM!!!

[Misha's Swedish ID]
Mikail Irzak
See, anyone can become Swedish, even their 'enemies to the east'! ;-) Check out "Mikka's minimalism on the net."

[Mustardman] [Dinotopia] [Bengt]
Morgan Eklöf "Mustard"
The mustard scarer (its true) and lover of large, extinct saurians.
Check out his cool cartoon BENGT!!! På svenska, naturligtvis.

[The Shadows] [Computer Frog] [Stars]
Thomas Elmer
The Anti-Buddha is here, but don't worry, he is only a small god.