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Welcome to my homepage !

Willkommen auf meiner Homepage !

Hjärtligt välkommen till min hemsida !

I am really sorry that I haven't updated my homepage for such a long time - I don't really think that I will update more often in the future, either - therefore most of the things I thought I will put onto the site are not worth waiting for, since it could take a looong time for me to put them up. However, if you want to know something about me, you are always welcome to mail me.
I reply to every personal mail !

Image not silly enough ? Hit this link to see a silly picture of me :) (for other, even sillier pictures of me, please consult the Visual Database to the left ;) )

My homepage is partially broken due to webserver changes. Please report to me if you find a broken page that you are interested in, I will fix it ASAP.

The Perils of Internal Competition is my counter to all the management babble that tries to convince people that more competition is the only way to go.

Here an explanation of the Swedish values that I live after (except for Jantelagen ;) ).

My pictures have been updated ! Please take a look at my Image Collection (sorted by date) !
If you are speaking German, you can click on the "Deutsch"-Tag on the left of the page ....

Sites to go

geofront Visual Computing
After several years of employment at NVIDIA, I plan to re-open my consulting company geofront, now based in Austria.

JEF - Young European Federalists
Is a non-party-bound organization that wants the EU to become more democratic and more unified under common laws.
I have recently become a member ;)