Picture of Mats Mats Persson

M.Sc. Research Engineer
Swedish Defence Research Establishment
Division of Command and Control Warfare Technology
Department of System Analysis and IT-Security

Email: matpe@lysator.liu.se
Work address: FOI, PO Box 1165, S-581 11 Linköping, Sweden
Work phone: +46 13 378214
Home address: Rydsvägen 24B, 584 31 Linköping, Sweden
Home phone: +46 13 176856

Here are some more personal data
Birthdate: 1964-06-15
Hobbies: Computers, mudding, wargames, roleplaying games, roadtrips

I'm working at FOI (Totalförsvarets Forskningsinstitut, Swedish Defence Research Agency) with computer security issues, and mostly with mobile code and script languages. Look at my publications page, which contains several reports I have written about mobile code. I also have a master degree in computer technology. For a more complete timeline look at the timeline which also includes my education and the schools I have attended, or read a more personalized story of my life.

You can also look at a large picture of me.

One of my main hobbies are mudding and I'm actually the god on Swedens and perhaps even the worlds oldest and largest MUD, NannyMUD. I started this mud in april 1990 and it has grown to over 20000 rooms and has about 3000 regular players of whom about 60 are logged in at the same time

Recently I have began exploring the area around my hometown and documented some of the interesting places. I'm also interested in wargames, computer games and other games, and I have a quite large collection of them. Here is a list of interesting game pages:

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