5a. Who makes R&S?

The creative force behind R&S is John Kricfalusi. He is also Ren's voice. John K.'s last name is pronounced "KRIS-fah-loo-see". He is 36 and from Ottawa.

John K is "stunned" that so many adults watch R&S. (See #18 for the scoop about his reaction to this FAQ)

From ebh@mink.att.com:

He [John K] was a major creative force (under the [Ralph] Bakshi umbrella) behind the New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, and he was also involved with The Jetsons.

Stimpy's voice is Billy West. Billy West is also the voice of "Doug," one of the other Nicktoons. West used to work at WBCN in Boston, which is famous for shock-radio. He is also "Announcer," "Svën," "Ren," and "Flies (from Ren's Toothache)" according to Film Threat (and what I know). (I have a file about his background I have posted. E-mail me for it or if you have an FTP site I can put it on please.)

When John K. left R&S, Billy West is doing Ren on an interim basis until a new person could be found. He debuted on "What'll We Do Till Then?" with Stimpy blowing himself up like a balloon. Vanessa Coffey, the producer for all the Nicktoons, has announced that they are looking through talent agencies for a replacement.

Billy West is scheduled to come to Miami University of Ohio in early October. More details will be posted when I get them (and yes, Miami is where I go to college).

Second season credits list "The Spumco Players" or "The Players", presumably the voice artists. They include (from "In The Army / Powdered Toast Man"): Harris Peet, Cheryl Chase, Michael Pataki, Bob Camp, Vincent Waller, John K., Jim Smith, Henry Porch, Charlie Birssette and Billy West. Many of these are people with other jobs within Spumco.

So far there have been two acknowledged guest stars: Gary Owens as Powdered Toast Man, and Frank Zappa as The Pope (both in "Powdered Toast Man"). Gary Owens has also appeared in several bumpers as the part of the announcer.

Three unannounced guest stars have appeared on R&S. In "Stimpy's Fan Club," Soleil Moon Frye (of "Punky Brewster" fame) was one of the fans. In "Visit To Anthony", Randy Quaid guest stars, and Anthony plays himself.

The creative organization is called "Spumco". The company motto is "The Danes call it quality." ("Spumco" has also been reportedly an acronym which has long been forgotten.) See #7b for details.

The boy whose picture is shown with the motto is Jimmy, the hapless boy - the company mascot (From lazlo@triton.unm.edu). It's said that he is John K.'s oldest creation for T.V. and his "best" character (Cinfantastique).

After John K. was fired, there was a split. A "puppet" company called "Games Productions" (a.k.a. "Stabco" and "Milkmen") makes and creates Ren And Stimpy. John K. is on his own with Spumco making "George Liquor" and "He Hog" for this fall. Games Productions is very tightly controlled by Nick, so their scripts don't seem to be half as funny as John K.'s where he was wild, wacky, and funny.

Billy West ended up getting the job of Ren (for Season 2 though), and Ron Hughart is now directing some of the shows. Ron H. works within the organization as a Timing Director. Recently, Games Productions changed its name to Games Animations. What this exactly means for R&S is this: they're a bunch of Nick-eediots!