18. Has John K. seen this FAQ or the other R&S documents?

RUMOR: According to "Lobo" at Auggie BBS (aug3.augsburg.edu), he has shown it to John K., and he flipped out. He said we did a "good job." More details as they come. (BTW, Lobo is a good friend of mine)

December 1993: I am sending a copy of the January documents to John K, which he requested. Hopefully, we'll get some comment on our newsgroup. =O)

April 1994: No response yet. =_O(

Here's an article of interest from Jenny, our connection to John K.: In article <C8BCqL.2Fv@news.cis.umn.edu> donnell@manowar.micro.umn.edu (BogusMan) tries to hide his true, evil intentions with:
Original Article

In article <1993Jun06.174803.8107@quake.sylmar.ca.us>
>After a year or so of browsing the posts here, I am still regularly
>amazed at the amount of information "Judex" seems to be able
>to tap into...what's the deal, guy? Are you a bartender at Small's?
>Do you have a bug on Spumco's phone? Quite a mystery...even John K.
>--while perusing some posts I printed out for him--expressed surprise
>ala "How does this guy know all this stuff?".
>BTW, I enjoy reading his opinions/updates, which are(as well as I can
>remember) consistently accurate. Funny too. Just curious!

I read. And remember what I read. Just the way I am.
Tell John Hello, and give him my best wishes. Can't wait for his next
project, whatever it may be!
PS: I started watching the show from day one, that helps a lot too.

End of Article

Be afraid, be very afraid. All is not what it seems. Since the end of the cold war, and the break-up of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, many espionage units of those groups have been left out in the cold, so to speak. A lot of them, with no more military masters to report to, have turned capitilist with a vengence and are now into industrial and commercial espionage.

One such spy cell is working in the United States, camouflaged as edu types at various institutes of higher learning. This cell is working for the fledgling Russian Animation Technocrat (RAT) and is in the process of stealing all information on the US cartoon industry technology. Once this information and technology is in the hands of RAT, RAT will be able to produce cartoons at one tenth of the US cost and will corner the world toon market, world domination still being a Russian goal. I am only sure of two of the three members of this spy cell, and will most likely loose my life for revealing this information, but here goes:

Judex and Norman are spies! And I have my doubts about Adam too! :)

The Space "See what happens when you don't take your medication" Ranger

Just wanted to say that Jenny is our spy! Judex and I just read a lot! :)
(Editor's Note: I love getting the final word:)

From Will E. Knight V (wekv@access.digex.net):

I just joined on the 'net and I am pretty new at all this but I hope this gets thru to you. I've seen your Ren & Stimpy documents and through reading them I was able to call the American Royal Art Gallery in New York. I found out that John K. was to be there April 10th for a signing of his new characters Sodi Pop and George Liquor and Jimmy. So I made the trek there and met with the world renowned John K. I mention you and the work that you have put in to letting the 'net know about his work. He knew of you (he mentioned your name before I did) and was appreciative of you. He wants you to give out the info for the R&S Fan club info and address (he didn't have the info with him). So there it is. If you could please write me back and let me know you got this and leave me the fan club info (I need to send some stuff to him)

Ed. Note: MOST EXCELLENT WORK, WILL! Good job for going out for us R&S Fans!