19. What are John Kricfalusi's future projects?

The following are from different sources, with several of them corroborating each other. I acknowledge the newsgroup, the magazines, and Billy West. Soon, btw, this information will become its own FAQ, the Spumco FAQ, I am working on during this summer.

The NBC Peacock

An apparent move to finance future projects, John K. has designed a commercial for NBC. It has a peacock pulling off a plunger and displaying its plummage.

From Jon C Austin (ja2592@gamera.acs.appstate.edu):
>David Price (dprice@convex.com) writes:

>I just spotted something the other night. Several times I have seen
>that NBC runs a 10-15 second cartoon at the top of the hour which
>parodies their old peacock logo. The cartoon peacock at first has no
>tail. Then he takes a deep breath and strains really hard. The tail
>pops out in rainbow colors - the end. They also play the old peacock
>logo music from the 1960's.

>Why am I mentioning this? Because the other night I noticed that for
>a few seconds at the beginning, the familiar "John K." signature
>appears in the corner of the screen. The peacock has that "John K."

>SO, does this mean that John K. has some working relationship with NBC
>now? Hmmmm. Maybe there is a new series in the works.

NBC this season contracted with a number of graphic artists to make variation on the NBC peacock. You see different ones at different times throughout the broadcast schedule : the morphing peacock. the peacock collage, and yes, the John K. peacock. He was contracted by NBC to make one: the one that David describes above.

These do not show at the same time every day. But I have noticed the John K. peacock has run at 8PM EST the last two Thursday nights.

From Mike Cohen (isis@netcom.com):

I remember a great quote from John K in that piece that had me ROTFL. He said something like "I always dreamt of animating a bird that blows something wonderful & colorful out of its butt".

"He Hog The Atomic Pig"

From Ron O'Dell (keeper@cats.ucsc.edu):

Excerpts from what appeared in last weekend's "USA Weekend":

Ren & Stimpy's creator John Kricfalusi, ousted by Nickelodeon last year, makes his cartoon comeback with `He Hog the Atomic Pig'. The swine's power: supersensitive taste buds. He fights crime with his sidekick, Half-life, a decaying molecule. Look for the powerful porker on cable or video next year.

"The Ripping Friends"

Here's a quote from WCK from John K. about the show:

"It's about the world's most manly men, who win their battles through sheer, raw manliness and willpower. They don't have superpowers, but they have the suits. They think superheroes are wimps because they have to cheat to win their battles--how manly are you if you have a superpower? You could beat the crap out of anyone! That's not very manly. A manly guy will take the pain along with the victory. It's got to hurt to win--that's The Ripping Friends."

No Official Title Yet: "George Liquor's Variety Show"

No real info yet, but it might have George paired up with Jimmy The Hapless Boy doing R&S-type humor. (Rumored that the first cartoon will feature George and Jimmy going hunting--a manly sport!)

"Brik Blastoff Of The Outback"

From Paul Martin Barry (pmbarry@acs.ucalgary.ca):

The December issue of Film Threat has some more info and a couple pictures of "He-Hog the Atomic Pig", along with a shelved project John K. was working on "Brik Blastoff of the Outback". Brik Blastoff seems to be along the same lines as "The Killing Friends", although he revamped it to include some nudity for a pitch to the Playboy Channel. Playboy apparently "just didn't get the humor."

He-Hog is being independently financed, with some funds coming from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. (CBC) It is slated to appear in early 1994 on the CBC, with an appearence in the US soon after possibly on either USA Network, or the cartoon channel (ugh).

Editor's Note: BTW, it's the Cartoon Network, not the cartoon channel, and the "Killing Friends" should be the "Ripping Friends."