12. What about the music?

Apart from a few selections, there is not a single piece of original music in the whole show. Instead, R&S quotes extensively from the classical repertoire, as well as 50's style TV themes and takes. In the second season, Raymond Scott's works including "Powerhouse" and "Toy Trumpet" have made it onto the show. (Carl Stalling, the famous Warner Brothers musical composer and director, used his pieces quite frequently.) Space prohibits a complete listing of music here.

For some reason, "Svën Höek" has two versions of background music for reasons unknown. One version has aired consistently on Nick, and the other on MTV. MTV's version has the Raymond Scott and "Death March of a Marionette" pieces missing.

John K. is the voice of Stinky Wizzleteats, according to Cinfantastique magazine, of the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song on "Stimpy's Invention." On "You Eediot!," Bob Camp plays Stinky.

From Jeffy@athena.mit.edu:

John K apparently wrote "The Muddy Mudskipper Show" theme, and the [words to the (?)] "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song.

From jondr@sco.com:
Chris Reccardi wrote the [music to the (?)] HHJJ song. He has done work for Tiny Toon Adventures, among other things.

Editor's Note: The "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song has made it big. It has hit several charts on different programs (like Dr. Demento, see rec.music.dementia) and radio stations. It also appears in "Rubber Nipple Salesmen" and "Svën Höek" as a single instrument solo. It has recently appeared in "Haunted House" when Stimpy sings it in the shower.

From otg@csi.compuserve.com:
The closing theme is not an original composition. It's a version of the Howlin' Wolf (Chester Burnett) classic blues "Killing Floor". No doubt. In fact, it's VERY similar to the arrangement on the Howlin' Wolf Chess Box.

Editor's Note: Official word is that Howlin' Wolf's song is NOT the closing theme, but it may sound like it.

Plans for "Der Screamin' Lederhosen" and their R&S record have been scrapped. The musical group plays the opening and closing music of R&S, which was created in a jam session. Members of the group include Chris Reccardi (bass), Scott Huml (drums), and Jim Smith (guitar). Only Jim Smith works at Spumco now, with the other two at Stabco; Der Screamin' Lederhosen's has broken up (according to John K. himself in a letter I received).

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