Håkan vs Roberth

To the left: me - Håkan, and to the right: Roberth
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Hi there and thanks for being curious!

I first met Roberth as I were on my "Student-trip". That is a trip together with other students who just like me were about to graduate from my pre-highschool studies. We shared cabin on the train on the way down to Budapest, Hungary. There we stayed at the same hotel, and we even got the rooms next to each other. During that extremely funny week in Budapest, we got to know each other very well. No wonder as we drank tons of beer, smoked lots of Hungarian cigarettes named Symphonia.

Please people...                               Don't try this at home...                               Symphonias will kill you!                               :-(

Those Hungarian cigarettes makes un-filtered John Silver taste like Marlboro Lights-Menthol, and I'm not kidding!!! But as we were twohundred wild-and-crazy students there on four different but nearby hotels, there was a lot of partying, and it kind of made it fun. Very well, we became friends and we've stayed that way.

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Here are a few examples of his weird faces.

Quite early in the evening
The pre-party had just begun, and as usual; Roberth is fast...
Not quite so early in the evening
Early at the party, Roberth told me that a fish once got stuck in the ship-wreck he has in his aquarium. Later on in the evening, that seemed funny. Nowadays, the picture is funny...
I'll be back?
Like me, he's a huge Arnold-fan, and then especially the movie Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (though we were watching Last Action Hero at the time of the picture)
Roberth can hardly stop laughing with his mouth full of cookies
The summer of 95 we had our yearly "eat as many cookies as possible with no hands"-contest. (I won... Again...)
He may look stoned, but is just drunk and happy
What do you say? The master in action!
- - - - - - - - - - Facts about Roberth
(like if anybody would care except for him?!?)
Roberth playing with my drumsticks (Not 'dumbstick'!!!)
Name: Roberth Lundquist
Age: 25 (Born in 1974)
Sex: Yeah baby, yeah!!!
Occupation: IT Support person in Stockholm, Sweden
Marital status: Lives together with a very beautiful and nice girl named Anna
Email address: N/A
Misc.: Is a huge Dream Theater fan, just like me...
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