(are GODS people!)

Spread before you is your soul
   So forever hold the dreams within our hearts
      Through nature's inflexible grace
         I'm learning to live

Pull Me Under

From the album
"Images And Words"

I'm nowadays living in Oslo, Norway, which is a far way from where these pages are hosted. I'm very busy at work, and the spare time I have in front of a computer, I usually spend programming (in Java of course).

Therefore, it'll probably take quite some time until these pages appear according to my visions. Until then all I can offer is a few but rare mp3's I've made from bootlegs I've found on different trade fairs. You will only find mp3's done from bootlegs, not from any original albums as that would violate DT's copyrights... That's why I present these two songs in SUN -audio format, as teasers, not as substitutes for the records.

Buy the albums, you'll love them! :o)

Space-Dye Vest

From the album

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