Hello fellow Dream Theater fans!
I was fortunate enough to get a last-minute ticket to the Dream Theater concert at Rockefeller Music Hall, march 27th this year (2000). It sure was a five out of five concert.

The concert
They brought the latest album (Scenes From A Memory) to life, escpecially with the tv-screens where they showed very tasteful animations and lyrics (close to a kareoke show :-) and the very nice film clips in between where they gave the lyrics a face, so to speak.

Afterwards, they played the some of the high-lights from there other previous albums, for example
  • Peruvian Skies
  • Take The Time
  • Pull Me Under
  • Erotomania
  • Lie
  • ...and many more
They even played tracks from their very first album, When Day And Dream Unite, for example A Fortune In Lies! It was amazing to experience LaBrie's amazing voice. He really kicked Charlie Dominici's ... behind!
Jordan Rudess also seems to be a very talented musician, he filled the "void" after Derek with no problems at all. (Though, I must admit I thought he improvised a little bit too much when the played Pull Me Under, but than again, it's my favourite song, therefore I'm quite picky :-)

I'm nowadays the proud owner and carrier of a tattoo on my right upper arm depicting the Majesty logo in white marble. In the future, when I gain access to a scanner, I'll show you exactly what it looks like. If you have a tattoo of your own, be sure to submit it (well, at least a picture of it) to the official DT website as requested by Mike Portnoy. (Thanks to Ernesto Lopez who brought the message board to my attention)

Dream Theater are gods
no more, no less.

You've been watched!

[Updated May 3rd, 2000]

As these mp3-samples are all taken from bootlegs, which in itself isn't supported by Dream Theater, I can't see any problems when making a few of them available for those of you who don't have any possibility of finding them anywhere else... Having these files wouldn't stop a true fan from buying the bootlegs when finding them!

I don't take requests, if you're thinking of mailing me and request a new song, please read this first. Should you disagree or just feel like leaving me a comment, don't hesitate to mail me ...

From The Dance Of Eternity (A concert in Italy from the Images & Words tour) From Guitar Talkin' From Uncovered: (The whole concert from which a few songs appeared on the A Change Of Seasons album
If any legal issues should occur, I'd be "happy" to remove these files. Anyway, they won't be here for a very long time...
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