Here are a few of my own JavaApplets. Yes, they are very few...
Note: These applets are nowadays quite old, I have newer version of them att home, if you want to be notified when they finally get here,

Included on every page is the HTML-tags to cause the applets appearance as seen on the page. You are very free to download the class-files and use them except for any commercial purpose! If you'd like to leave me a comment please do so And thanks for dropping by!

Name Description
FadeScroll A scroller who displays the sentences/words by slowly fading them out and in.
Dream Theater A nice image animatior dedicated to the band Dream Theater
DrumAnim An animated speaker that plays the sound chosen by the surfer at the BPM also chosen by the user.
OneLetterScroll Inspired by old techno videos from MTV it displays words/sentences letter by letter in the speed chosen by you.
Tetris As the name says, it's a Tetris clone. A "little" bit inspired by The Simpsons

Do I need to say that there is more to be expected?

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