These are a few of the people I'm proud to call friends. I've met most of them during my high school studies, and I hope they'll stay friends for a long time after. There is no special order here, it just happened to be like this ;-)

Daniel "Danne" Fremberg
He's is currently in the army, in Uppsala to be exact.
(Ladies - He is a nice guy!)

Erika "Hej MatNat!" Johannesson
The nicest person you can think of.
She's a very beloved friend.

Malin "Maulin" Strandberg
Nice girl too, but not always:
Watch out if she's angry... ;-)

Ola "Åoula" Andersson
If you learn to understand his "dialect",
you can actually learn to like this guy.

Örjan Sundkvist
Sometimes a little confused,
but what the heck...

Peter "Glöggen" Andersson
A cool DJ and partymachine.

Robby "Glasmästar'n" Andersson
He might just be as perverted as me.

Stefan Ahlm
ALERT! If he smells like peanuts:
RUN like hell!!!

Tina Magnusson
"...You're in the army now..."
Yes, she's actually doing her military service now!

Markus "Bäbis-Toffel" Hogsved
Lives for three things:
(1) Computers, (2) Partys and
(3) his girlfriend Linda.

Magnus Jansson, Johan Andersson
and John "Johneralen" Ahlström

Johan Andersson and
Tony "Tony-Jävel" Eriksson

Stefan Ahlm, Ola Andersson,
NOBODY and me (Håkan)

Daniel Fremberg
and me.

Me, Robby Andersson
and Stefan Ahlm

Tony Löwunger
Eats and drinks fast. Really fast!!!

Unrestricted area...

Okey, this looks stupid, but
there is a story behind it...

Daniel Fremberg, John Ahlström, Tina Magnusson and Johan Andersson.

Fredrik Eklund and Tina Magnusson,
inaugurating every room in a non
completed building.

Y6 (Why sex?), Me, Stefan Ahlm, Erika Johannesson, Tina Magnusson and Daniel Fremberg

Fredrik "Freja" Jansson, Tony Löwunger, Markus Hogsved, Björn Ståhl, Peter Andersson, Ola Andersson, Robby Andersson

Roberth "RobRoy" Lundquist
My Bloodbrother. He's also (like me)
a very fanatic Dream Theater-fan.

Anders "Peddo" Pettersson
A cool guy, now
also a ComputerNerd ;-)

Emma Ljunggren
A hard working student, who always
manages to have time for a party...




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