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Please let me know if you find any errors or missing information on the pages.

Before using the feedback form, please spare a minute to read some notes about Adventureland. Almost 98% of the feedback I get is merely a waste of your time and mine, because it demands stuff I am not able or not willing to provide. So please read this carefully:

  • The purpose of this site is to collect information. I am NOT related to any of the listed companies. Especially, I am not selling or distributing any of the games! Most of these games are not commercially available anymore, so normally all you can do is trying to get your hands on a used copy. I suggest YOIS or ebay.
  • This site does not carry any downloads except regarding the pages itself, i.e. it does not contain any illegal game downloads. If games are available for free, there should be a note near the game descriptions, otherwise the games should be considered copyrighted. I will not reply to mails requesting games that are obviously not free. If you think you cannot afford some bucks for the game you love so much to play, please try your luck somewhere else in the net.
  • Normally I can NOT offer you support for installing or running the games. I myself have only a fraction of all the games listed, leave alone all the different operating systems. Having said this, it also becomes clear that I cannot replace "lost" discs or manuals. If you have trouble with your games I strongly suggest trying your luck in the various newsgroups.
  • Adventureland - as the name suggests - is focused on adventure games or interactive fiction. You will not find games like Chess Maniac or Star Wars here because they do not fit into the category.

Sorry, I had to render this clear, but I hope this spares you the frustration from sending requests with never getting any reply and me from digging through stuff that doesn't push this project any further


I did not understand a single word of all the above and should read it again before
proceeding to the form:



Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

If you find any errors or have information that is missing, please let me know