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This page contains no warez!

If you're trying to download illegal copies of pirated software, this is the wrong place.

  • adv-pages.tar.gz Last modified 05.09.2003
    This is an archive of all the HTML files making up this site. If you want to look through the pages in your own time without being connected to the Internet, you can download this.

    If you want a complete copy of the stuff on this site, you need both this file and all the images files below.

  • Images
    These are all the images (company logos and game covers) used on this site. Since these files are pretty big, I have split them a bit. Some companies that have made many games that I have covers for have gotten their own files, to avoid having to download everything just to get a few new images.

    If you want a complete copy of the stuff on this site, you need both all these image files and the pages file above.

  • adventureland-source.tar.gz
    This file contains the data file containing all the information in Adventureland as well as all the scripts used to construct the web pages. It is now possible for anyone to help Adventureland by helping me enter information into the database. Read more here if you are interested.

  • gamelist.txt
    This is a text file that contains all the company and game information from these pages in one text file, suitable for printing. The layout of this file is not very beautiful yet, but it should work fine for reference.

  • rpg.txt
    This file contains some information about various RPGs that I have been sent, now and then. I try to keep RPGs out of the list, but I don't like throwing information away, so here we are... Someone else might have use of it, perhaps?

  • mud.txt
    The same goes for this file. This is some data that concerns multi-player games that I don't really feel like maintaining.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

If you find any errors or have information that is missing, please let me know