This is a brave attempt to list all computer games that have a direct relationship with the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings.

Games can be searched by distribution form, category, computer system, distributor/producer, language, title or year of release. Each search category has its own page with links to the games.

What games are found here?

All games in this list conform to one or both of the following two criteria:

  1. The game's names, characters, geography, chronology and anything else makes it clear without doubt that the game, or a clearly defined part of it, is set in Tolkien's world. Any allegories may only be very minor and must not detract from the over-all impression.
  2. The manual, introduction or some other part of the game explicitly states that the game takes place in Tolkien's world.

I have included two games that do not fulfill any of these criteria. They are Jewels of Darkness and The Dungeons of Moria. See the respective pages to find out why they are here still.

Other games that have only stolen the title from Tolkien's works, or that are loosely based on Tolkien's story but with too many details altered, are not included. This includes the following:




Information about the games

Every game is listed on a separate page. First on each page is the title of the game. Following lines include different kinds of information, as described:

Produced by: The company that designed and programmed the game.
Distributor: The company that distributed the game.
Author: Programmer, designer or project leader for the game.
Year: The year the game was first released. If several versions exist, the year refers to the first.
Version: The latest version of the game, if several exist. If known, the release year of this version is given in parentheses.
System: The computer system(s) for which the game has been released.
Type: The type of the game. Text adventure means just that while illustrated text adventure is a text adventure with pictures for all or several locations. RPG (role-playing game) is a game in the tradition of Rogue, either graphic or ASCII-based and usually showing a view from above the player.
Language: The language that the game is in. If this field is left out, English is implied.
Covers: The book(s) or part thereof that the game covers. If this field is left out, the game is set in Tolkien's Middle-earth, but not based on any of Tolkien's books.
Distribution: Distribution form for the game. This can be Commercial, Freeware or whatever is appropriate.
Availability: How to obtain the game, if possible. Games that are out of print may generally be difficult to find.
Many (even most) of the games do not have a license from the Tolkien estate, nor from Tolkien Enterprises. This field indicates, whether it is licensed and if so by whom.

Then follows some general information about the game and after that my Personal evaluation which (and you have been warned) are my very personal views on the quality of the game.

A missing line indicates either that the information is unknown or unapplicable.

Thereafter follow cover image and screen-shots, if any. Then there are references to other Internet resources about the game and finally there are cross-references to other related games on these pages, such as sequels.

I would be overjoyed to get any kind of feedback on this monster. Please contact me. I am interested in other games, more information about the ones I have, more screen-shots and cover scans and just about anything else. I also have some specific requests for help.

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