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The Dungeons of Moria

Author: Robert Alan Koeneke, Jimmy Wayne Todd, James E. Wilson, David J. Grabiner, et al.
Year: 1983
Version: 5.5.2 (1994)
System: VAX, Unix, MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, X Windows
Type: RPG
Distribution: Freeware
Availability: Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

This game does not really belong among the Tolkien computer games. I have included it anyway, mostly because I know that people would ask for it if I did not.

The game is set in Moria and the goal is to kill off the balrog. Apart from this, the game is almost completely based on Dungeons & Dragons. The game is a true classic and every true gamer should have played it.

It was originally written by Robert Alan Koeneke with some help from Jimmy Wayne Todd. Further development of the game has almost ceased, but The Pits of Angband, which is based on its code, is still very much in development.

Personal evaluation: If you can live with the non-existing graphics (except for some versions) and difficult-to-learn command interface, then it is a magnificently complex and challenging game.

Screen shots

Amiga versions (unlike most) are typically based on graphics rather than text, pull-down menus rather than keyboard commands. Here is the opening screen of one Amiga version and a view from the town level of another (Amiga Moria 3.0).

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