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Author: Matt Craighead, after an original by Robert Alan Koeneke
Year: Never completed, last alpha version released 1998
Version: 1.0a5
System: MS-DOS and Windows 95/NT
Type: RPG
Distribution: Freeware
Availability Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

Utumno is yet one development of the classic dungeon crawl in the rogue-like family of games. It is based on Angband, which in turn was based on The Dungeons of Moria. The main difference is that Utumno takes a "new" approach to the graphical presentation with 3D block graphics, somewhat like the classic arcade game Ant Attack.

Unfortunately, it seems like the game will never be finished, since the author has stopped development.

Personal evaluation: In spite of its unfinished state, Utumno is nevertheless a great game. Everything about it indicates that the finished product would have become a marvellous game. Even as it is, with a few bugs and many unpolished details, I warmly recommend it.

Screen shot

These screen-shots show how the game progressed graphically from one of the very first versions to the final one. Click on the images to enlarge.

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