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The Tebbit

Produced by: Application Software Specialities
Distributor: Application Software Specialities
Year: Originally scheduled to be released in 1984
System: ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari 400
Type: Text adventure
Covers: Parody of The Hobbit
Distribution: Not released, was to be commercial
Availability: Not available
Licensed: No

Satire of British political life in the guise of a parody of The Hobbit. I have heard that it remained unreleased because of poor sales of the game Denis Through the Drinking Glass by the same author. I have also heard that it was withdrawn in the last moment because of the bombing of the Conservative party conference in Brighton where Norman Tebbit (who has lent his name to the game) was injured. This latter reason seems unlikely, however, since Application Software Specialities ads suddenly vanished from British computer magazines after May 1984 and the bombing was not until October.

Please contact me if you know the author's name or anything about why this game remained unreleased.

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