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Author: Tulkas and Charmangle
Year: Tolkien area opened 1991, still running
Type: LP MUD
Distribution: On-line
Availability: Telnet
Licensed: No

NannyMUD includes two Tolkien areas: one First and one Third Age. The First Age area (by Charmangle) has been closed, but now (June 1999) appears to be open again. The areas are only a very minor part of the total MUD. Walk [7 s], w from the starting point to get there. There is one quest in each area. The third age area has also been ported to Quovadis.

Personal evaluation: This once very nice MUD has grown out of proportions and is today mostly interesting because of its immense size and many quests. The Tolkien area is not one of the better areas of the MUD. (But do check out Kent. A magnificent effort.)

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