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Produced by: Severn Software
Distributor: Severn Software
Author: Mike Howard (ZX Spectrum) and Adrian Sheppard (Oric-1)
Year: 1982
Version: 1.2
System: ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Oric-1
Type: RPG
Distribution: Commercial
Availability: Out of print
Licensed: No

This is a game in the same spirit as Joseph R. Power's The Wizard's Castle. The game is a quest to find Durin's ring in Moria. A new labyrinth is generated for each new game. It is written in BASIC.

In spite of similarities in title and concept, this game has nothing to do with The Dungeons of Moria.

Personal evaluation: A totally horrible game. The original idea behind the game may be good, but the look and sound of it makes it nearly unplayable.

Screen shot

A picture from the Spectrum version.

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