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The Hobbit

Author: ?
Year: 1997(?)
System: MS-DOS
Type: Text adventure
Covers: The Hobbit
Distribution: Freeware (presumably)
Availability: Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

This is a text adventure of the kind that presents you with two different choices at every command prompt.

Please do not confuse this game with the earlier commercial text adventure from Beam Software with the same title.

Personal evaluation: This is an extremely simple game, but also extremely unforgiving. One mistake and you are usually dead. It follows the plot of the book very closely, so its best use is perhaps to check how well you remember the original. Otherwise, your time is better spent re-reading the book.

Please contact me if you know who wrote this game.

Screen shots

This is rather typical of how the game looks. Take note of the many spelling mistakes.

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