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Year: Tolkien area opened 1988, still running
System: DEC Alpha
Type: LP MUD
Distribution: On-line
Availability: Telnet
Licensed: No

Originally based on the Norwegian game Ringen. Pål-Kristian Engstad translated and converted the text adventure to MUD format and in the process expanded it quite significantly. It has since continued to grow. Ringen only consisted of Moria, but many other areas in Middle-earth can now be found on Genesis, such as The Shire and Gondor.

One earlier version of the area has also been ported to VikingMUD.

Personal evaluation: This is a very good MUD. The Tolkien areas do not cover all of it, so the theme is not quite coherent, but the size of the Tolkien areas is large enough that you really do not need to bother with the rest, should you so wish.

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