In fact, the Earth and the universe that we know of is a mental ward. The people of Rus-Tog'Stol, the real world outside, put us here because we were too selfish and aggressive to fit in their society. Rus-Tog'Stol doesn't have any laws, police or money, because people behave and do what they are supposed to do anyway. However, there are a few portals to Rus-Tog'Stol on Earth. One of these portals is an outhouse, situated on the edge of a high cliff in the beautiful fjord landscape of western Norway.

One day, Odd is på tur, a common Norwegian habit basically meaning to hike, when he happens to find this outhouse on his track. Since he badly needs to use a toilet, he enters the outhouse, locks the door from the inside, sits down and starts reading a magazine. After a few moments, God strikes the appropriate chords on his Organ of Universe. Odd is violently sucked down the hole, bottom first, and flies through a very complex mesh of long tunnels at a tremendous speed. Eventually, the exciting journey ends in an office placed on the beautiful beach in the town of Å'ke. A nurse, having her left leg in a very awkward position, sits by the desk in front of him.