The nurse explains to Odd that a number of patients from the mental ward Earth have managed to escape, because God played a false note on the Organ of Universe. The people of Rus-Tog'Stol do not know how to tackle this, since they cannot understand the bizarre actions of these people. Consequentially, these dangerous humans are still free somewhere, causing trouble and misery by their insanity, and no one knows how to catch them so that they can be taken back to the Earth. Therefore, they decided to call for Odd to help them out.

The main quest of the game is to catch the runaways and take them back to Earth. To accomplish this, Odd must, besides solving a series of puzzles, learn to understand and master the real world, which at first appears very surreal and bizarre to him. Soon, he will discover that there is some logic, although very different from the rules of the Earth, and he will be able to use it to accomplish his goals.