Welcome to the home page of lyskom-server (aka lyskomd).


The source code for the LysKOM-server is available under GNU GPL.

Security fixes

On 2003-05-09, Calle Dybedahl found a denial-of-service attack against LysKOM and promptly reported it. A fix is included in version 2.1.2. You could also apply a patch for find-next-text DoS fix for 2.0.7 (PGP-signature).


Git access

The source code repository for lyskom-server is managed using Git, and is hosted in Lysator's GitLab.

Using git

You can set up a local repository clone with the following command:
git clone https://git.lysator.liu.se/lyskom-server/lyskom-server.git
You can also browse the repository with a web browser.

Help wanted

This page is boring. If you are a member of Lysator and want to maintain this page, please tell me.