lyskom-server meets Xenofarm

Xenofarm is an emerging project for performing automated test builds of an application. During August 2002, while preparing for the 2.0.7 release, the lyskom-server project started using Xenofarm.

Help us!

Here is how you can help make the lyskom-server a more portable program, if you have a computer of a make that isn't currently included in the xenofarm.
  1. Check out the xenofarm from CVS:
       $ cvs -d co xenofarm
  2. Configure the client:
       $ cd xenofarm/client/config
       $ ln -s ../../projects/lyskom-server/*.cfg .
       $ ls *.cfg

    There are a few other projects that you might also want to help.

  3. Remove symlinks to the config files of projects you don't want to build, if any.
  4. Run the client manually once, to ensure that everything works. You will be prompted for an email address.
       $ cd ..
       $ ./
       Please type in an email address where the project maintainer can reach you:
    Be advised that the email address you enter may end up being visible on a result page such as