November 13th, 1996 -> January 2nd, 1997

New pages: New issues (Vol.3 50 - 55) of the Scandinavian Indie Digest. New issues (Vol.1 #15 - 19) of the Avalyn Digest. A winners page for the Lousy Contest. A new Contests page. A new Fidget Contest, and an Interview with the band Fidget. A Swedish page for the band Radioaktiva Räker. Both a Swedish and an English page for the Beat Butchers Christmas '96 Giveaway.

Updated pages: All Beat Butchers pages were updated December 27th, 1996. All Gig Guides, including the Herrgår'n Gig Guide were updated as usual. All Radio, TV and Record Releases Lists were also updated as usual. Both the Swedish and the Norwegian Record Labels Lists were updated. Because of the new Contests page, the Quickbar, Homepage and the Info pages were updated. Added new Friends and neat pictures. Added loads of new Links and corrected a few others. Both the Demo and CD Reviews pages were updated. The Aquadays Homepage was updated, and new links were added to the Miscellaneous page. The Mojave 3 and Eggstone discographies were updated. Selected News was added on November 25th, December 5th and January 2nd.