Photo Album

by Lars Aronsson

Version 2.0 - now in µLPC

I bought my present camera in January or February 1994. It was very cheap (less than 200 kronor). I just want to take some pictures for fun and memory, rather than waste a lot of money on expensive equipment. This camera uses batteries for flashes, but is otherwise purely mechanical, with a thumb wheel to advance the film. Read the text to image 4-21 below for more details on this camera.

I number my films and images, to keep track of them. Image 4-11 (shown here) is image 11 of film 4 since I bought this camera. Each image is scanned from the paper copy, and made available in three different resolutions: 390x580 (JPEG only), 195x290 (both formats), and 98x145 (GIF only). The GIF images are pre-dithered to 6x6x6 (RGB) levels. This proved to give good results with early versions of Netscape navigator.

This WWW presentation of the photo album is automated by a µLPC script (version 1 was an LPC4 script) in the Spinner web server software created by Per Hedbor. Since version 1 of this photo album, Per and I and a couple of friends have started a company called InfoVav.

To you, this µLPC script works just like a CGI script. The URL always starts with index.lpc followed by a question mark and a number of specifications of the form ?variable=value&variable=value. You can access the photo album in two ways: by image and size or by specifying a keyword.

By specifying img=roll-image and size=size, you can retrieve a single image having the specified image identifier and size. Available sizes are l for large, m for medium, and s for small. Medium is the default size. For example, you can retrieve index.lpc?img=4-11&size=l for a large image, index.lpc?img=4-11&size=m for a medium sized image, and index.lpc?img=4-11&size=s for a small image of photo 11 from roll 4. The inline images in this page are retrieved through this script. If you are interested, you can view the source code through your browser.

By adding type=html, you get an overview page of the sizes and formats of that image, for example index.lpc?type=html&img=4-11. In this case, there is no use in specifying the size.

By addressing index.lpc?key=all you get a list of available keywords. If you click on one of them, you get an overview page with small clickable inline versions of all images matching the specified keyword. The magic keyword tutti is defined for all images, xl is defined for all landscape oriented images, and xp for all portrait oriented ones. This means index.lpc?key=tutti is the overview of all images inline. Early versons of some WWW browsers had a problem displaying that page.

(Some descriptions are still in Swedish)

This page was last updated on 10 February 1996.