Lysator Seminar Series

17/10: Jython 2.5 and beyond

With Jim Baker & Tobias Ivarsson

NOTE: Wednesyday, not Tuesday! 18:15 in Visionen, House B, Campus Valla.

The recent few years have seen a vastly growing interest in dynamic languages. This has certainly been true on the Java platform with languages such as Groovy, JRuby, Jython, Scala and many more. Jython was awakened from its long slumber and was recently released in version 2.2. During this summer Tobias worked on the Jython project, mentored by Jim, and created a new compiler for Jython, targeting Python 2.5. While this compiler is able to compile all aspects of Python 2.5 there is still a many more things to be done.

This presentation will give insight into how Jython and the new compiler works, and present the tasks that lay ahead of us. We will show you how Jython is to become the most compelling tool on the Java platform, and perhaps even the most compelling implementation of Python.

Jim Baker has over 15 years of professional software development experience, focusing on business intelligence, enterprise system management, and high-performance web applications. He co-founded both Empact Solutions, raising $10M in VC financing, and BizLogix. He has worked with far too many of the Fortune 100 at some point or another. Jim also leads the Front Range Pythoneers, a merry band of local Python enthusiasts. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Harvard University and a Masters of Computer Science from Brown University.

Tobias Ivarsson is a student at the Master of Science program in Computer Engineering (the D-program) at Linköping University. He is also a part time teaching assistant in a number of programming courses at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), and a part time consultant.

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