Lysator Seminar Series

22/10: Improvements in Linux Kernel 2.6 for high-end computing

With Jes Sorensen, Wild Open Source Inc.

Wednesday October 22, 2003. 18.15 - 20.00. Location: Visionen, House B, Campus Valla.

The v2.6 Linux kernel series provides a large number of new features and improved kernel infrastructure that makes the kernel scale significantly better than the v2.4 kernel on high end systems. This includes systems with larger numbers of processors, memory and amounts of storage. In addition the new kernel provides improvements in the areas of lower latency and scheduling fairness.

This talk will give an overview of these kernel changes and provide insight in how they affect the current development kernel as well as the future stable v2.6 kernel which is to be released later this year.

Jes Sorensen has been working on the Linux kernel since 1993. He has worked in a large number of areas in and around the Linux kernel; including high speed networking, Linux/ia64, embedded Linux/MIPS and other ports, has written more device drivers than he can remember as well as working on the system libraries (glibc) for Linux/ia64. Jes works as a consultant for Wild Open Source Inc. (http://www.wildopensource.com) providing Linux development and design services. Prior to this, Jes has worked for Linuxcare at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (www.cern.ch).

This talk is presented in cooperation with NSC:s 4th Annual Workshop on Linux Clusters for Super Computing. Please visit their web page if you want to attend the workshop.

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